Frequently Asked Questions

How does Omniploy check access to the domain?

When the plugin registers itself with Omniploy, it gets a challenge token from the servers to prove access to the registered domain. The Omniploy servers then try to reach a specific subpage and if it responds with the challenge token the WordPress website gets access.

Does Omniploy use my domain to deliver my email?

The email gets delivered with your domain as a subdomain from website-mail.com. This means if you send from example.com, it would become example.com.website-mail.com. We add your original email address into the “Reply-To” field to ensure that responses are delivered directly into your inbox.

How does Omniploy ensure not getting caught up in spam?

Spam is a special topic. Mail servers around the world have different spam filter configurations and use different sources for blacklisting, etc. We work with our email provider partners to ensure high quality on the technical level. However, often it’s the content that gets flagged in the spam filters.

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